Zee Najarian | About
Zee Najarian | About
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When people ask me what I do, I say…

I help multi-passionate people do more of what makes them happy so that they can live life by their own design.

What I really want to say is…

I help them play more and work less.

What I really, really want to say is…

I drink specialty coffee all day. Binge-listen to personal development podcasts. Hang out with my friends in my spin class. Talk to my tribe on live video and see them doing amazing things. All I do is play all day!

My name is Zee.


My mission is to help you realize your greatest potential and do more of what makes you happy; that is your gift to the world.My goal is to help you get clear, committed, and confident so that you can live life by your own design.


I help people create a blueprint for their life so they can overcome overwhelm, so they can have the right systems and habits in place, so they can feel empowered and in control, and so they can create a life that they love. My clients create measurable results. It’s about working smarter, not harder and creating a life by your own definition of success! Life is too short to live by someone else’s rules!


Just like you, I don’t fit in a cookie cutter. I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur, life strategist, a change agent, a global justice activist, and a website nerd! One has nothing to do with the other, or does it? I started off as a computer science major, then got my BS in interior design, after went to architecture school in San Francisco, and ended up getting my MS in accounting and my CPP, all the while I was on the board of a non-profit organization for over ten years! Wheww! But, I knew there was something greater for me out there. All throughout this journey, there was that voice in my head that kept telling me this isn’t what I am supposed to be doing and it kept getting louder and louder until one day I couldn’t ignore it anymore.


Oh yea…almost forgot! I am an introvert. But I’m social! Whaaaaaaaaaat the whaaaaaaat? How is that even possible?! Well, I love teaching and I especially love meeting new people, hearing their story, and helping them find their passion. But, I recharge when I am alone, when I am spending time on personal development, reading and listening to podcasts. That’s when I am the most creative.


I learned about serving others at a very young age. I have been volunteering with nonprofit organizations for over 13 years. I learned some very invaluable lessons during my years of service. I have learned one very important lesson through all of this: you cannot be successful and truly happy without service and gratitude. I’m all about change: change in your life, in the lives of those around you, and change in the world. Service stays at the very core of what I do and I bring my whole self to my business.


YOU are invited to join the Change Society. You will receive nuggets of inspiration, motivation, and quantifiable steps directly from me, straight to your mailbox, in order to help you become the best you possible and in order for you to create a life that you love. It’s nothing more than free! Let’s make your world a crazy, awesome, amazing place to live in! It’s the only way to leave an amazing legacy.

The Life By Design Society
You’ll get updates from me that I only share through email plus motivation and dibs on any new upcoming events and giveaways!
No funny business. I HATE spam!

I believe in the unshakable strength of the human spirit! I’m so excited to hear your story and go on this journey with you!



Fun Facts About Me…

1. I love eating crumbs! Yes, those things left at the bottom of a bag of chips, the ones that most people throw away. That has the most flavor people! Sometimes, I crumble a whole bag of chips to turn them into crumbs. Don’t judge!


2. If listening to podcasts and TED talks all day was a job, I would be the first one in line (with a bottle of beer).


3. I ran my first full marathon without any training. Overnight decision, bought my first pair of running shoes and went for it!


4. I fell off a mountain once and walked away with no scratches!


5. Workcations are my guilty pleasures. I want to be sitting in front of the Eiffel Tower with my MacBook, talking to my tribe!


6. I get serious goosebumps and ball uncontrollably when I watch a speaker with a really good entrance onto or exit off of the stage . I’ll watch it over and over again, crying over and over again!


7. I am an excessive exclamation mark user!!!!


8. I teach indoor cycling and am convinced that my riders hate me because I am not satisfied until they can ring the sweat out of their shirts. I don’t know why they keep coming back every week!


9. I don’t believe in secrets. I share everything I know openly without fear of others surpassing me. I don’t need to put out someone else’s light in order to make mine shine brighter!


10. I didn’t step foot into a movie theatre until I was 14!


11. I have seen Titanic over 25 times but never the full version. I watched an edited PG version. Never cared to go back to watch the deleted scenes. 🙂


12. I set my alarm to odd times like 4:19am and 8:06pm!


13. I am living proof that if you can dream it, you can do it! If you want something in your life that doesn’t exist, you create it. Don’t worry about what other people are saying. Even if no one in your life thinks it’s possible or cheers you on, focus on being YOU. Work hard. Play harder. No one is coming to save you, it’s all up to you!